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Welcome to S7 Software. Our ten-year journey has been marked by great achievements, groundbreaking innovation and an ever-growing community of passionate and brilliant people. This page will introduce you to who we are, what we value and the work we do.

We started S7 Software as an ODC (Offshore Development Center) of Bristol Technology Inc.’ in early 1998. We ran it successfully till end 2003, wherein we worked on cutting edge technology tools in the area of migration and porting and migrated Windows code to all flavors of UNIX, Linux and Mainframe. We successfully migrated millions of lines of code and hundreds of applications across platforms for some of the top Fortune companies. Around this time there was a shift in the business focus of Bristol US, but we stayed put and continued to focus on our strengths which was in software migration. Hence, what started as an ODC made way to S7 Software, with the same engineers, focus and expertise – to migrate and re-engineer code across platforms.

Further we started adding other migration categories and tools. Today we are one of the top companies exclusively focused on migration, re-engineering, modernization and open source adoption. We are destined to be a thought leader in our niche and are focusing on innovative processes, tools and people to take us there. We continue to serve our existing clients and have added clients from all verticals including Finance, Retail, ISVs, Education, Manufacturing and Telecom.

Work at S7 Software is focused, innovative and challenging. Our people work with state-of-theart technologies which further hone their technical skills. We offer an open, informal culture and a healthy environment to excel (as rated by our employees). We trust our employees to be our assets and share wealth to make them our partners. We are pretty serious about wealth sharing. This not only means stock options to everyone (including support staff) but profit sharing every year during Diwali. This is done in a very transparent fashion with books being open to all employees.

For 2007 (2007-2008), our goal was to cross a million dollar in revenues, something which was difficult to comprehend then was achieved by February 07. In fact, we are $1.2 mn with a couple of weeks still to spare. All this by a group of techies turned entrepreneurs.

2007 was good for many more reasons, we got successfully mentored by a NASSCOM mentor panel, who taught us a whole lot of stuff in sales and marketing especially pertinent to the software services industry. Obviously, this has been of tremendous help in achieving our goal.

We were also happy to welcome Shyam Johari (ex-VP TCS) and Anal Jain (ex VP WIPRO) to our advisory board. Our US office registration having started should be completed with our first office to be opened at Redmond shortly.

These big strides would not have been possible without the help and forethought of every member of the S7 family. We have a great dream and all of us here have found ways to realize them through S7 Software.

We work smart and play hard. It is not uncommon to see some of the S7ites going for a long jog in the evening or seeing a bunch of people in S7 jerseys on a Thursday playing a hard game of cricket. We believe in a fit body and an able mind.

Constantly looking for those smart future S7ites, we have found that individuals working for a start-up require positive attitude and a great commitment. We feel that Subroto Bagchi’s book The High Performance Entrepreneur, encapsulates this need very well .

The S7 Software journey continues. My own personal journey with S7 Software has not only made me a better leader and a professional but transformed a senior software engineer into an entrepreneur. I believe that every S7ite has enjoyed being a part of this journey. Whether you are a potential customer, partner, S7ite or a future S7ite, I hope you will consider joining us and help to shape our path.

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