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1st Place :
Narasimha Jayanth Bharadhwaj,
5th SEM, Electrical & Electronics

                                          WHAT MAKES UVCE A BETTER PLACE…

 UVCE, the institute ear marked for high quality technical education boasts of a centenary building, state of art facilities and an amazing location in the hearts of Bangalore city.

 Good, will be the impression of an individual on his entry into the institution with the ambience of nature and serenity and tranquility of the environment amidst all the rush, hue and cry of K R circle.

But is it the end of goodness?? A tour of the campus will remind anyone of the dreams and aspirations but is that all enough to take care of??

Is UVCE good only for its location, only for the tranquility of the environment or only for the state of art facility?

Nothing is perfect.  Perfection is the manifestation of the good things made available to anyone at any instant of time.

Time is precious and if not utilized properly it perilous. But is the four years of life at UVCE a real boon for anyone? Does UVCE encourage activities which are must and should for the proper development of an individual during the whole course of year?

A piece of iron (steel) if left apart without any usage in an environment will eventually rust. So should the college let the skills, talents and aspirations of students wilt???  This question stands largely unanswered because of the large and magnified loophole that goes unplugged year by year with our faulty educational system.

No good will it make than making mechanical bookworms, unless the real potential is unleashed. Talents go wasted year by year, decade by decade as the stress on job is such that a DO OR DIE situation is what confronts us.

The final derivative can be definitely bettered if the process is made smoother with focus standing on overall improvement apart from academics. Students entering the age are mature enough to understand their own goals, dreams and vistas of untapped potential. Provided they are given the proper guidance with good and focused inspiration. A sunflower faces the sun all through the day but why does its stories of night go unnoticed?? It’s because no one keeps a track of what needs to be done. Provided arousing there talents, there is no doubt that UVCE can break records in all vistas of the country.
Some important aspects which goes unnoticed are the basic infrastructural facilities. A tree grown without proper fertilizers during its budding shape will be a good waste of the bud and area also, so the priority should shift to improving basics. The greater of cricketers mention going back to basics for every match they prepare for. So why should not the institute improve the basics better???

The endless procedure of improvement then comes into play where all the departments, all the free spaces, all the places assigned for the usage should be properly maintained for what they are meant to be used for. Colleges suffer because they don’t have the space and infrastructure and where we lack is the proper and effective utilization of the available resources.

We are humans and together we can make our college more humane, more inspiring and more thought provoking provided leadership and entrepreneurship is actively and properly encouraged. Training should not be to made high think to be ready as a leader to raise the barriers of quality and take inspiring initiatives.

All time greats never prospered only because of the institutional effort alone. It was the motivation that they acquired from their environment which raised their barriers of standards and they went on to rock the world.

UVCE should not be just a follower of rules it should be leader to make for lifetime for LEADERS LEAD, PEOPLE FOLLOW…

                                                                                       Narasimha Jayanth Bharadhwaj     

                                                                                          5th SEM, Electrical & Electronics


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