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2nd Place :
Sandeep B Hanchanle, 7th Sem, Computer Science

                         WHAT MAKES UVCE A BETTER PLACE???

Busy roads, path so steep

Here I was, to seek and peep.

History at its best, people so humble,

Life makes a walk, and set to wobble.

As I step in the temple, an am blessed

By the wind, by the bird and the right.

I am blessed, it’s the world………Divine, external.

                                                 - Anonymous but me.

College days are the happiest of our lives. May not be always, but yes most of the times. Every rose has a thorn on it stem. Bringing joys to your lives is the temple where most of our future is written (or sculptured).

UVCE, nestled among the busy joint of KR circle has a unique charm in it self. A majestic, red bricked, old but strong, romping with pride, standing unshook for the past 91 years, is the college, the temple of learning.

As you enter a small, narrow gate welcomes you to the world, which remains with laughter and grins of those thousand of engineers who were born from this great institution. Stepping inside the gateway, a chequered, tiled layout welcomes you with arms wide open. The 2 trees facing you are the trees of wisdom under which hundreds of students have spent time studying, waiting in queue to fill admission fees and exam forms. The gray pigeons and sparrows chirping and tuning themselves to the lush green vegetation around, is a pleasant sight. The old, solid bricks of the place on which many names have been etched, invisible, telling the tales of those long, enchanting, hilarious study sessions and lectures. Inching forward we take a right turn and a vast stair case greets you which have the “firm and turquoise” moss, one which many study hours have been spent.

 Elevated, in its own charm, they symbolize the “stair case to knowledge”. Crawling we cross the electrical department and a deep dug out awaiting when the laying stone for the auditorium will be coming up. Long before we had a small canteen, a beautiful lady walking up to us and asking “tea and parotha”. A “by-2” tea, a packet of biscuits and small kitten playing, was a smoothing experience, which used to bring us back to life and get us ready for the next marathon.

UVCE is a “prism” to which a student enters like a white light and when he is ready to plan out of this prestigious institution he has gathered so much of experience, courage, charm and confidence that he shines like a rainbow and that are what makes him outstand in the outer world.

Those “5 per team” football matches “out standing” sessions [standing outside class for coming late] bitching about lectures, cracking jokes on our pals and their “lady love” shouting “maaaa…..mmm” to make teachers stop the lecture [ sorry…….sir] also walking in the cubbon park, crossing the busy K R circle, will be etched in my life for ever.

I am into my 4th year and I find myself a very different man altogether. An institution where “history speaks and tradition follows”, is always a treat to hear about. A ground and glorious future is promised here. Many crib about the quality of lectures but I remember, even a fisher man like his highness Dr ABDUL KALAM could end ness the lack of teachers and be called as missile man of INDIA many students are on that flight.

It all comes to one prison, which is the individual whish every UVCE’n has.

                                                                                  Long live

                                                                                   -   Sandeep B Hanchanale
                                                                                                  7th CSE

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