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                        Topic : WHAT MAKES UVCE A BETTER PLACE???

Stress on extra-curricular activities with handsome funding is an essence to put UVCE on city or national map - Rohit Nair

UVCE is a paradise for every engineering Student, yes it is - Karteek Joshi

Organise SERVICE DAY and get the campus cleaned by UVCEians. - Supreeth


"I would always think what my opponent is doing, when i saw him still practising, I would push myself harder." - Sujith Suresh

Microscope, which was inaugurated with great enthusiasm, should be made available for demonstration for the students. -
Satish A G


Guiding our juniors in a proper way. - Halember Ganesh

An individual needs some state of Freedom to think what needs to be done or rather not done, and UVCE provides it for us. - SatyaSagar

"Only a Bad workman blames his tools" - Sujith Suresh

We are responsible for our own development - Prashanth Sujik


Provide a Suggestion/Complaint Box in front of Principal office. - Mohammed Saad Manna


'We want it, we demand for it', this has to be changed to 'We want it and we will do it'. - Sowmya T S

and many more..

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