Few more pills of encouragement.

Raghu k V giving us ideas and we did act upon it
Get an Icon for the site. Font for the name, I have created got few 3d icons but dont know how to give it to u guys...

. in our guest book say....

hey the photo slide show on the home page is wonderfull!!!...:)
Our college is soooooooo beautiful..:)
keep up the spirits......
all the best..:)

Pankaj Bhatt had to say this

great work guys... i think this virtual world can be used to unite all the UVcians and i hope the tempo of bluespirit's team always remain high...
hey, i had prepared few questions on hr interview... i'd like to mail you... hope the unidentified team does not have any problem with that....

A message from a SPIRITED UVCEian.


Thanks 4 liking my idea.And about ideas first of all about library, don't know why that LCD screen in lib. Those librarians put d songs n disturb those who study there n also keep speaking loudly. N in even sem's, books are not issued during exams, many people will be dependent on lib books na. Its nice if they give books during exams also.  

About cyber, most of d time it'l be closed. N server problem.Why
should we pay fees 4 this?  About labs, i think you'll know about electronics lab. No proper components. Even if new components are there, attendars don't give that. One of the attendar behaves as if he's giving something from his property. We are scared to complain ya, we have heard that they may flunk us. Who'll wish to get into trouble?I don't know much about other lab's.sorry. I think that's it about these problems.

Hope u r not bored. Sorry if i did.
Hey one more thing ya. U can start something lik HELP DESK where everyone can share n get help about problems. May be doubts in studies, projects etc. N also help 4 books. Lik if someone has a book n they are ready to give 4 one sem 4 someone. It'l help few poor students na. Finally about results, we electronics students got results very late this time. I think even civil people. Its nice if results are announced in website na. But for this bang university officers should help. Its k for us but for final sem it'l be bad if results are late. Right?

Hope to see UVCE to be a  number one coll in INDIA.:-)
hey have just told whatever was in mind. Cos me n my friends have faced few of these prob. Its nice if v can do somethin for our coll na. Great that you people are working towards that. Keep going. Ok its late..have to sleep.:) it was good to share my ideas.. Thanks.. Bye.. Take care..Keep smiling.:)


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