Hangu hingu nim effortu, nim parents effortu, aa devara krupe… ella ottigudi ivattu UVCE anno mahan college ge bandiddira… Fine, All that is done!!!


   It’s a fact that more than 50% of u have not come here by choice but by chance. Adeno heltaralla “MAJBURI” anta, like that. Anyways, guys n gals whatever the case is, u have arrived at the right place(Now, its left to u whether u are the right person or not).

   Firstly, whats UVCE?... Come on.. don’t say the obvious!!! By the years gone we have given a new definition to it. Try reading it as Unitedly V Celebrate Engineering. Yup!!! Every word means it.

   UVCE has a rich heritage of over 9 decades, founded by master engineer, super visionary Sir. M. Visveswaraya himself. It has, by the years, withstood the test of times and has proven that we deserve to be in this college.

Unlike other colleges, in UVCE you have total freedom. Yes-its total freedom.-be it classes, fests, placements, changes, anything , all is left to u. U get what u aspire for and what you want. But if n only if u put in your sincere efforts in the regard.

   The fests in college are totally organized by the students themselves, right from the scratch. Planning, Budgeting, Finance, Events-all are done by the students. So, whatever u are good at, you can prove your metal here. One more example is Placements. Please observe this yourself. Right from getting the company till you get offer letter, all are managed by students (Of Course, our Placement Officer has supervision of all the activities and gives sound advice whenever and wherever required.)
Do find out if other colleges have it???

Now, freedom is left to u-Wanna use it in the right way or just waste it. One thing is for sure. UVCE is a govt college. Any great revolutions can happen only by your persistence and follow up. Be determined in what you want in these 4 years. Don’t just be a graduate after 4 years, but be a well made Engineer. 

 There are challenges and these Challenges are the Opportunities that you can seize and prove your caliber.

 Welcome rookies, to a world where Unitedly V Celebrate Engineering. 


Spirit of UVCE