The IEEE UVCE student branch, revived in 2001 is a titan in its own right.  One of the major activities of this branch on calender is IMPETUS. Its a one stop destination for all technocrats to showcase their talents in various technical events, be it circuit debugging or on spot programming. But more importantly this fest aims at engendering innovation from the young minds.


Indian Society Of Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers, an affiliate of ASHRAE is a forum focusing on the classical core branches of engineering. The student chapter of this was started in UVCE On 12th October in the college premises.

VINYAASA - Official college MAGAZINE

"Vinyaasa" is our official college magazine. As of now there is no website announced related to this. VINYAASA'08 will be released shortly.


MALICE is our college music band. This band has given many concerts in and across Bangalore. These guys simply rock!! The first and only Bagpipe band in India. Nice Celtic Rock stuff.


OOBT is OUT OF BOX THINKING. Designed and implemented by 6th semester E&C students. This is a new concept which makes all of us scratch our brains and think something out of the box!!

Spirit of UVCE