IBM-ISL Paper 3

The written paper contains 55 Qns to be answered in 1hr. It contains the Qns on verbal ability, Aptitude, reasoning, Attention details and technical.

The Verbal Ability includes the following Qns.

1) I got ___________  in traffic so got late (struck/struckup/hold/....).

2) Mr Benerjee the officer of ...  was  questioned ___________(for ,with,on,to) his connection regarding the murder.

3) The proteins present in  ____ apple ,____banana,______Egg are very essential  .....
 fill the blanks with a, an or the ( ans: an,a,an)

4) A Qn was asked on the meaning of underlined word. Here the word is Therapeautic   .

5) Miss X (some name is given)  given a speech on _____ bank of ____ river kaveri regarding _______ abilities of the women. like that the Qn goes here also they have given the options like
1  a, an ,the    2 the,the,a   3 a, the,a    4 the, the, the

6) Thre is an essay abt the ATM behavior and usage, security mechanisms, connectivity, technology used like that..
1. how an ATM is connected to net.
2. what the operation not mensioned in the passage
a. with drawl   b. deposit    c. donations to charities d . amount transaction btnm accounts
3. which of the following is false.
some time s Atm are un reliable.
They are connected through modems.
4. which is not a possible error regarding ATM.
a. mechanical error  b. s/w error   .i/p error ....( the answer depends on the passage and actual errors given)
5. why ATM s are kept in shops
a. because there is no chance of theft there
b. no space in banks.
c. there will be more no of people.


 venn diagram models
1. In a party 10 take only tea 15 take tea and 8 take only coffee then what is the number of persons take either coffee or tea.(nos are not exact).

2. In a college there are students who can play either football or cricket or both. 500 play cricket 220 play both and 600 play football. what is the total strength of the college.
 Some 3 Qns are given with instructions like : given three strings check which of them are same ans: A if all are same, B if 1&2 are same, C if 1&3 are same, D if 2&3 are same, E if all are different

Strings are given as

1. a. 66749384879456       b. 6674934879456    c.  6674934879456


3. a. 34523897346579       b.343647654869679   c.346548364874379

Three Qns are given in the following model:

1.If + is replaced by *,* is replaced by -,- is replaced by / ,/is replaced by% nad % is replaced by + then what is the value of the following expression.
Some options will be given u have to choose correct answer. (all the digits are not same). Next two of the same model but they are giving 4 expressions like above we have to find which one is correct.
Like: a. 35-2+4/3%42=35
b. 25+4-5%6*7=28

4.  there r three cubes arranged side by side. Each cube is divided into 64 cubes then top most layer of second cube is removed and top two layers of third cube are removed. And then  total volume is painted
1. what is the number of cubes painted on 1 face, 2. two faces, 3. three faces , 4. four faces , 5. no face.

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