One man walking in the corridor of UVCE, 5.4” tall, with his spotless white shirt, trousers which suit them and a pair of sandals has changed the culture in UVCE. He is “THE MAN” behind all the tremendous activities happening in our college.The quadrangle with cement floor has been transformed to a fantastic red tiled platform. His efforts in developing “Minchu” cannot be left unnoticed. The Department of Computer Science and Information Science Engineering has witnessed the ultimate transformation and yes, credit goes to him!!            
                A one man army handling the CS Department and College Administration is not a child’s game.  Just in three months he has recruited 16 lecturers. ME students who are presently the faculty for CS/IS Department are doing a fair job.
                Eighth semester students who are busy with their project work on all the five week days, have classes on weekends. Kudos to him!! He wants every student to prepare their project report
“PERFECTLY”. Even a single dot matters!! His gesture and smiling face is the most attractive, which never makes anyone feel that he is our principal. The legendary man referred to in this above article is no one other than Dr. VENUGOPAL K. R.           
               He has been our Inspiration to start
BLUESPIRITS and provide our fellow mates in UVCE with all the information that they need to know about. Be it their placements, their life after Engineering, or a place for ALL UVCEians to share their memories.
The story just begins,to get inspired
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           This is just a small help from our side to take UVCE to great heights.Thank you Sir, for providing this platform!!!

Spirit of UVCE