CHILL MAADI!!!   :-)

Waking up early in the morning, hurrying up the assignments, dozing in the class, copying in the internals , nervous placement interviews, exams, gre, gate, cat, mat, rat dog etc.. come on..

All this is fine it's like what any student has to do whether he wants it or not: but zaraa apne student baneka kuch to izzat do.

Its true that as saying goes "STUDENT LIFE IS THE GOLDEN LIFE"

Now is the time do it before its gone.What we mean here is enjoy these years of being a student to the core dont let any body snatch it from you not even your self give your life what it deserves.

On these lines we TEAM BLUESPIRITS are bringing you a whole new section called CHILL MAADI.

Here we will provide few hints and paths how u can do it.. we shall provide you places to hang out in the vicinity, in and around Bangalore, eat outs, treating places etc ...
So if you are craving for some thing to treat your student life than this is the place.

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