Your resume is the first interface you have with your employer

Follow These Basic Standards....

·     1.    Don't overcrowd your resume; allow for plenty of white space.

·    2.     Keep your resume to one page whenever possible.
·   3.    Keep the number of fonts you use to a minimum -- two at the most.

·   4.    Use a font that is easy to read. Times Roman works well.

·   5.   Do not justify the lines of type on your resume. Allow the right side of the page to "rag."

·   6.  Do not overuse capitalization, italics, underlines, or other emphasizing features.

·    7.   Make sure your name, address, and a phone number appear on your resume and all correspondence, preferably at the top of the page.

·    8.  Print your resume on white or cream paper using a good-quality printer.

·    9.  Second- and third-generation photocopies must be avoided

·   10.   Print on one side of the paper only.
        If you include a reference, make it sure that the referenced person knows very well about you. It is also advisable to add the persons as references, whom the employer can contact easily.

       Employers have a busy schedule, so don't expect them to read through a long resume. Ideally, resumes should be of one page, or of two pages only if absolutely necessary, to describe relevant work experience.

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