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An article sent by Sri Harsha .V

Dave Wilson, writes:

I've never been a fan of F1 motor racing. This so-called sport has
always seemed to me no more than an excuse for a bunch of highly paid
egotistical petrol heads to pollute the planet in a grand fashion.

Nevertheless, I've always admired the mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers who work to develop those F1 cars. After all, there's an awful lot of ingenious engineering that goes into them.
So it was with mixed feelings that I read that Honda is to withdraw from all Formula One activities, making 2008 the last season it will participate in the sport.
Apparently, the company reached the decision in light of the deteriorating operating environment facing the global auto industry, a situation brought on by the sub-prime problem in the US, the deepening
credit crisis, and the sudden contraction of the world's economies.
Honda is going through tough times at the moment, like all the automakers. And perhaps we should be grateful that it made the move to cut costs by putting its Brackley-based Honda Racing F1 team up for
sale, rather than approach the Government for taxpayer's money to bail it out.
Nevertheless, pessimists believe that Honda's attempts to sell an entire F1 team may be fraught with difficulty in these troubled times.And if that is indeed to be the case, many skilled Honda engineers may
be looking for work in the New Year.
But if they are, I don't think that they'll be looking for long. After all, there's a desperate need for talented engineers in the UK. And while there might not be much engineering mileage left developing
products that pump carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, there are a lot of opportunities for those who would like to design products that do just the opposite.
Just last week, in fact, I spoke to an engineer at Warwick-based Ocean Power Technologies who told me that the company is actively looking to hire electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineers to help it build
the next generation of its wave buoys, which convert ocean wave energy into electric power.
Engineering such alternative energy systems is no less demanding than developing F1 racing cars. And spending time developing such beasts would seem to me like a compelling alternative to designing products
that simply pollute the atmosphere for the sake of entertainment.
The trouble is though, wave buoys just don't have the sex appeal of F1racing cars, do they? Then again, perhaps that perception might bechanged if some of the companies that supported Honda's F1 efforts
with advertising might help the renewable cause by 'sponsoring' one ortwo of these wave devices instead.

Feel by                                                SHISHIR HATWAR ECE

Life is enjoyed most,

When we complete big tasks,

And graduating from college,

Provides us a thrill that lasts.


Saying goodbye to friends,

That we may never meet again,

Gives way to our respective futures,

Thoughts of cherished moments we will never regain.


Professors should be remembered too,

And the problems they helped us solve,

And the great obstacles we overcame,

Thank to their great resolve.


When your time has come to graduate with the rest,

I hope you have done your very best!

I have finished my journey,

I will leave with whatever is in my heart,

The echoing laughter, wisdom and memories,

That will never leave me, never depart.


What lies ahead is very uncertain,

Life goes on, as we try to peek behind every curtain.

When in the end our life is nearly through,

And we ask ourselves what more we need to do,

The answer should be that it was all good,

And we really did all the things that we should.


Spirit of UVCE